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  Founded in 1991, the Greenbelt SITY Stars has been building a healthier community one jumper at a time for 30 years. This program not only develops technical jumping skills, but also instills traits such as teamwork, self-confidence and sportsmanship while helping to promote the sport of jump rope. Members of the team train three days per week preparing for demonstrations as well as local, national and international competitions, working to perfect speed, endurance, technique, strength and freestyle skills.

  Our Mission is to train youth in the sport of jump rope while utilizing fitness training and performance arts -- music, dance techniques and tumbling to help them to perform & compete while promoting living a healthly lifestyle and developing character, integrity & leadership qualities.

  It is also our purpose to instill a good work ethic - that excellence comes from hard work and dedication. In the end, they are rewarded by a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that makes all of the work worthwhile.

  Our instructional program runs all year. Jumpers learn Single Rope Skills, Partner Challenges, Speed and Power Moves, Choreographed Group Routines, Double Dutch Turning & Jumping, Stretching, Toning, Calisthenics, and Tumbling. Participants make new friends while jumping rope in a challenging and goal-oriented environment - learning about teamwork, sportsmanship and physical fitness.

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