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A Unique Competitive Team of Sensational.Inspirational.Talented.Youth

Where Every Child Is A Shining Star



   Established in 1991, the Greenbelt S.I.T.Y. Stars is a jump rope sports team that inspires kids to fitness.  S.I.T.Y. is an acronym for Sensational, Inspirational, Talented, Youth. It is the purpose of the Greenbelt S.I.T.Y. Stars to offer a quality jump rope program that not only develops technical jumping skills but also promotes fitness and teamwork, builds self esteem, develops confidence and leadership skills and encourages good sportsmanship while helping to promote the sport of Jump Rope.  

   GSS has been serving youth and building healthier lifestyles in Greenbelt and surrounding areas for 32 years by providing safe training in the sport of jump rope utilizing fitness training and performance arts -- music, dance techniques and tumbling.  GSS promotes social development, physical fitness and inspires healthy living and proper nutrition.  ​We specialize in teaching athletes how to perform and compete in the sport of jump rope while developing character, integrity, and leadership qualities.


   This program not only develops technical jumping skills, but also instills traits

such as teamwork, self‐confidence and sportsmanship while helping to promote

the sport of jump rope. Members of the team train three days per week preparing

for demonstrations and competitions, working to perfect speed, endurance,

technique, strength and freestyle skills. 

   The team has traveled to wonderful places from Canada to Hong Kong to perform and compete in various venues. 


   GSS has been blessed to perform on FOX 5 and ABC News, for the White House, the Kennedy Center, National Children’s Museum and for Disney Productions in the movie Jump In.   One of the team’s greatest accomplishments was going to the White House and filming a public service announcement for Nickelodeon with First Lady Michelle Obama forWorldWide Day of Play.

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