Performance Program

The Greenbelt S.I.T.Y. Stars have been delighting audiences with their unique showcases and demonstrations of jump rope skills for many, many years.  Performing is an important aspect of jump rope training as it prepares jumpers for performing in front of others, and encourages jumpers to push past their comfort zone, especially if shy, and challenge themselves to soar to new heights.


This class will focus on creative & stylized movement with technical emphasizes on musicality and the development of personal style for performance precision, fluidity of movement, the intricacies of creating and executing routines, stage presence, and combinations are developed with attention placed on personal presentation. ​ 

The jumpers will work on the planning, rehearsal, and presentation of a work. Such a work is presented to audiences and/or judges at performances, workshops and competitions using their ropes and routines as a medium of presentation which may be either dramatic or nondramatic, depending upon the activity presented but always FUN in the end!

This program requires dedication and a commitment to attendance.  A commitment contract to perform is required, unless a member of the competitive team.  Required for competitive members.  Please review the Performance Team Policies.


  1. School:                              2.5 GPA (in school)

  2. Passion:                            Team Spirit - Desire to Improve, Willingness to Learn and Perform at the Highest Level

  3. Required Classes:            Single Rope FreeStyling, Double Dutch FreeStyling, Theatrical Presentation & Production

  4. Attendance:                      Required at all Scheduled Performances

  5. Group Routines:              I Like To Move It & Figaro

  6. Double Dutch Tricks:     Basic & Intermediate Double Dutch Tricks (all)

  7. Chinese Wheel:               GSS Beginner Shell

  8. Traveler:                           Single Bouncing (to the beat)

  9. Single Rope Freestyle:    Single Rope Routine (30 seconds)

  10. Tumbling:                         Cartwheel & Roundoff


   **  Qualifications Can Be Waived At Head Coach's Discretion

Competitor  Commitment

  • Enthusiasm and Love for the Sport

  • Aspire to Set and Achieve Goals and Compete at Personal Best

  • Willingness to Always Learn New Skills and Technigues

  • Determination to Improve and Develop a Strong Work Ethic

  • Commitment to Practicing and Studying

  • Openness to Correction and Adjustment

  • Being diligently responsible for schoolwork completion, chore completion and jump rope requirements

  • Respect the Policies of the Team, Coaching Staff and fellow Teammates

Parental Commitment

  • Respect the sport of jump rope, the staff, coaches and policies of the team

  • Willingness to Support the Coach's Effort to Improve Jumpers and help Jumpers to Shine

  • Guarantee Performer attends a Minimum of 6 training hours per week; and ; 10 hours are required 7 to 14 days before a performance

  • Communicate directly with the coaching staff



Required Classes**

  • Core Class - Single Rope Skill Building         (Wednesday)

  • Core Class - Double Dutch Skill Building     (Saturday)

  • Turning & Tumbling     (Saturday)

  • Theatrical Presentation & Production          (Saturday)

  • Performance & Competitive Skill Building  (Sunday)