GSS Fundraisers

Jumper Account Fundraisers are held to specifically build jumper's individual account.  The team will host Jumper Account fundraisers for the jumpers to build funds in their account. Profits from these fundraisers are placed directly into the jumper’s account to be utilized for team expenses.

  • Participation Not Required

  • Ownership - All funds raised by a fundraiser hosted by the team belong to the team and are not refundable. Any funds due when the jumper withdraws or leaves the team will be deducted from the jumper’s account. Remaining personal funds will be refunded. Fundraised monies will remain with the team.

Anniversary Sportswear Fundraiser

Our competitive season is underway.  GSS is planning for a very exciting season that includes several competitive endeavors outside the Mid-Atlantic area.  These include:

  • American Jump Rope National Championship:
    Cincinnati, OH, June 21-25, 2022

  • AAU Jr. Olympics:
    Greensboro, NC, OH, July 28 – Aug. 4, 2022


We solicit your support of our team for these events as we build on successes by our competitive team from past years.  We have created a 30thanniversary t-shirt and shapewear in conjunction with the launching of SITY Stars Sportswear.  The proceeds from the sale of each item will be used to defray the cost of competitions.  50% of each item sold will placed into the jumper’s account.  Shirts are $30 each.  The shapewear items are $30 and $40 and each order comes with a jump rope.  All orders are due no later than March 5, 2022, and will be delivered on March 12, 2022.  Click here for the Fundraiser Packet with an Order Form.

GSS Fundraiser.jpg