What type of program is this?

A competitive and performance jump rope training program that teaches Single Rope Jumping, Double Dutch, Turning & Jumping, Stretching, Toning, Jogging and Calisthenics and Tumbling.  The participant will jump rope in a challenging and goal-oriented environment while learning about teamwork and physical fitness.  Classes are offered so that jumpers can train two to ten hours per week, depending on the family's commitment level, to work to perfect routines, increase speed & endurance, technique, strength, and freestyle skills to prepare for shows, demonstrations, competitions and just to be fit.

What is the cost of registration / membership?

$   40 Yearly Registration Fee per Jumper    (Season = one school year)

$   100 Yearly Registration Fee per Family  (3+ Members)

$   150  Competitive Team Registration Fee  (optional)


What does the registration / membership fee cover?

Upon registration, each participant receives a Practice T-shirt, Speed Rope, Freestyle Rope, and Training Notebook, along with Jump Rope and Fitness Training including but not limited to, double dutch, single rope, cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and nutritional counseling.


What Items Will My Child Need For Participation?

  • Willingness and desire to lean a unique sport

  • Cross Training Tennis Shoes  (preferably black)

  • Black Stretch Pants (3/4 length and full ankle length)

  • Sweat Pants​


Frequently Asked Questions